Anton and Jonna Bonde

Anton & Jonna Bonde

With a very successful jewelry design business spanning Europe and Asia, Anton had more faith in the “traditional” business model of hiring employees, he was working so hard to achieve..

Anton finally agreed to take a serious look into what being a Nu Skin Enterprises Distributor could mean for himself and his family. . Jonna She liked the sound of what Nu Skin Enterprises had to offer, but couldn’t quite believe that it could be the future for her family. After an extremely hectic year of juggling both the jewelry business and the NSE business, Anton decided to make the leap into focusing fully on Nu Skin Enterprises. He had seen the potential and realized that with 100% effort, the rewards would far outweigh what he could achieve with the traditional business model.

Within just three years, Anton and Jonna had earned their Blue Diamond* pin title, and a year later, they achieved Team Elite*


Anton in Barcelona 2006