Become the 2%

THE 2% that succeed:

the overwhelming majority of people NEVER recognize the difference between wishing and believing. They never take the following 6 steps that will assist them to use their minds to attain their desires.

These steps are summarized along with observations of the percentage of people who attain each step: 

1. Most people go through life merely wishing for things, These wishes are as temporary as the wind, they come and they go.
They have NO POWER to shape anything, to control their destiny. This number who simply wish for a better life, is about 70%.

2. A small percent develop their wishes into desires- the want the same thing constantly but that is the end of their COMMITMENT. This about 10% of people.

3. some develop their wishes into desires then into hope. they dare to imagine, and from time to time, they accomplish and achieve things- this is probably about 8%.

4. a smaller % translate their hope into belief- they EXPECT what they want will actually happen- this group is about 6%.

5. some will then crystalize their wishes, desires, hopes, into belief- then into a burning desire and finally into certainty – this group is about 4%.

6. Only a very few 2% will take the next steps and make a plan to get what they want and execute that plan. They apply their belief, their certainty, their positive mental attitudes and expectations.

JOIN THE 2% club requirements.

1. Get along peacefully with people.

2. Look at the bigger picture- ignore the trivial small things.

3. Each morning, create a positive attitude so you carry excitement and enthusiasm all day long.

4. Lead by example walk the walk .

5. Learn to laugh – use it to release upset and anger.

6.See each adversity as opportunity analyze each setback and determine their causes.

7. Focus on can do actions – never think about stuff you cannot do or control.

8. Turn negatives into positives make this an automatic habit.

9. Remember life is a challenge- no one wins all the time in every case so increase your understanding of yourself.

10. Life is a continuing education and learning process even negative experiences become good ones.

11. Every thought you release comes back to you multiplies send out only those you are willing to receive.

12. Use cancel cancel- handle dream stealers guard your attitude with your life – negative attitudes can poison your actions and efforts.

13.  Be aware of your self talk your little voices and the dual nature of your personality you have a positive side with a great capacity for belief and a negative side with an equal capacity your disbelief exercise the first, the second will dry up and blow away.

14. Recognize self talk brings the best results the calls for a positive mind set of the highest order.