Chris & Carol Pollack

Chris and Carol Pollack were busy working as a corporate architect (Chris) and financial planner (Carol) plus raising two young children when they decided to make a dramatic change. Chris was especially interested in building a Nu Skin business because his job controlled his life and he had no time with his children. The couple could also see how Nu Skin could enable them to help others enjoy potential income and time flexibility. Motivated by the successful people they encountered, the couple decided, “If they could do it, we could too.”

First, Chris and Carol identified the “12 board members” who would be ideal business partners. The Pollacks were excited about changing their lives, so they set clear goals and targets, and created “huge dreams, lofty goals, and big aspirations.” By doing so, they created a defined, positive mindset, and began creating strong and long-term friendships with people in their upline, downline, and sidelines, while building a strong customer base. They feel duplication is the real key to a distributor’s success, and emphasize the importance of creating independent leaders, not followers.

Chris and Carol now live a dream life with the ability to travel as they continue to create amazing relationships with other leaders. The Pollacks always interview people before sharing Nu Skin with them. “They must have the same value system and a true desire to make a change in their lives,” they say. “We never convince anyone to do the business.” And their definition of leadership? “Leadership is the ability to be a role model and pass it forward.”

As the Pollacks enjoy their rewarding lifestyle and continue to build their team and their customer base, they also serve as NTC Ambassadors, since giving is important to them. “We always tell people that you have to give before you can get … there has to be a balance.”

Barcelona 2006