Fiona Yiu & Grace Chien

Stand for what you believe, success is not far away – Fiona Yiu

(Five Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite – 9 years)

Success is a matter of choice, not chance!
Fiona, with a BBA degree from Hong Kong University, was a business development manager for a large company and did not quite understand NU SKIN’s business model before joining the NU SKIN family. Then Fiona saw how her sponsor Ken Graham became a Blue Diamond Executive and enjoyed a relaxing life, so she decided to explore NU SKIN business seriously.
As Fiona became more familiar with NU SKIN, she realized the differences between NU SKIN and the traditional way of doing business. She also knew that the better she managed her business, the more time and financial flexibility she would enjoy. Because of the influence of her mother and the impression of the company’s professional image and the force for good culture, Fiona began to build the business with her mother before graduating from university, and her ultimate goal is to become an outstanding full-time distributor and help others realize their goals. Fiona believes that the key to succeeding is very simple: “Do it by your heart instead of your words. If you are truly willing to help others, you just stick to this belief and success will be within reach.”