Sophie Vognin-Hey & Graham Hey

“Looking back on our journey with Nu Skin, there is honestly nothing we would change.”

Graham Hey and Sophie Vognin-Hey started Nu Skin in 1993, and became a Group Leader 2 years later. They focused on strengthening their business in Thailand, thriving until the Asian crisis when their group grew from hundreds of active distributors to just ten. Feeling discouraged and having other opportunities presented to them, they then chose to continue their project in Travel and Tourism. After almost 4 years as a Nu Skin consumer, Graham and Sophie are once again interested in leveraged earnings. Their business allowed them to be financially healthy. Working more than 100 hours a week, from morning to
 night, leaving no time for family or friends, they once again decided to focus on Nu Skin as a real business.
Working part-time for 5 hours a week, they presented their letter of intent and became 3 months later Group Leader and received a check for over $ 4000. 12 months later, Graham and Sophie's income exceeded their income only in their Travel and Tourism business, and in 2005 they were recognized as Blue Diamond Group Leader.