Turning Contacts into Connections

Everyone is aware of financial capital but what about “social capital”?  “Social Capital” consists of the resources that are gained through social relationships. These resources include all sorts of assets: Ideas, Information, referrals and of course camaraderie. Like financial capital, “Social Capital” is used to create wealth. Are you taking advantage of your social capital?

  • Social Media:Twitter, facebook, pinterest etc.
  • Family Members
  • Friends
  • Sales People. Who sold you your Shoes, Car, Bike etc.
  • Customer Service reps: Hotel, Airlines, Bank etc.
  • Activity connections: Gym members, Sports, Restaurant regulars 
  • Acquaintances:  High School, college, Parents from your child’s school.

The truth is networking is an accepted and well used marketing strategy in the world of business. Word of mouth and referrals is still the most explosive way to expose your opportunity to a large amount of people. Are you spreading the word effectively? Take a look at your network, follow up and expand your circle of influence.