Let's Get Technical with Tanner Gibb

23 Oct 2020

Let’s Get Technical with Tanner Gibb

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Tanner Gibb is a Technical Communication and Education Manager on the Nu Skin Enterprises Global Research and Development team.

Currently, his primary responsibility is to ensure market staff receive proper technical and scientific training in each of Nu Skin’s more than 50 markets. He is a frequent presenter to audiences around the world and is appreciated for his ability to translate complex topics into understandable information. Previously, he worked in Product Support where he helped provide personalized service to individuals with questions and concerns related to skin care and nutritional products. He has been with Nu Skin for over ten years in his various roles, which has allowed him to gain valuable experience.

Tanner Gibb obtained his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University (2010) where he studied many different health sciences including nutrition and biology. He obtained his master’s degree fromUtah State (2013) where he studied in the executive program of business administration. He has received the Executive Pinnacle Program Award for outstanding performance in going the extra mile in his job responsibilities all while traveling and presenting to audiences around the world. This is the highest individual award one can achieve as a Nu Skin employee.

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